Please read full tutorial about downloading private videos. Be responsible, Respect copyrights. Private downloader problem fixed on 1/24/2017.

Download private Facebook videos

Please enter the srouce code of facebook video below and click download.

How to download Facebook Private videos?

Step 1 : open video page

download facebook private videos

you need to be exactly in the video page you wish to download.Right click on page and select View page source code, you can also use the short-cut key (Ctr + U) on keyboard for showing the source code of video page.
Step 2 : view and copy the source code

private fb video downloader

In the source code page select all of the code you see, then select copy. you can also use short-cut key (Ctrl + A) for select all and (Ctrl + C) for Copy.
Step 3 : Enter source code

How to download Facebook Private videos

Once you have the source code, open Facebook private video download page on and paste the source code in the download text box(this may take a few seconds as the text volume is large).After the source code is pasted in the text box click Download button below the text box.
Step 4 : Download

private video HD and SD

You will see your video in the video player and Download buttons below it. if your requested video has HD version you will be able to choose HD or SD version for download.
Please pay attention that private video downloader is only for private videos. if your video is public use our downloader in main page as the process is easier.

Private videos privacy

Downloading private videos of Facebook is now possible with private video downloader.only users who can view the source code of a private video can download it! this means that that video is public for them. and the user shared the video with them.
So the videos are still private and viewable only for the visitors who can view and watch the video.
Please be responsible and respect the copyrights, as the video you are downloading may have copyrights.