How to Download facebook videos

This tutorial is for downlading Facebook Public videos, if you want to download private videos visit how to download Facebook private videos .

Read this tutorial about how to download videos from Facebook, to learn more about expressions used in our website, like video link, video code.
What is a video link?
Every Facebook status, photo and video has it's own spacial and permanent that you can check or share them later on with your friends or some other purposes.A video link is the link provided by Facebook for every video a page or a person uploads to this network. so we need this unique link for downloading video.
Where to find video link?
if video is posted by a Facebook page copy the link as shown in below image:
how to download Facebook public videos
if a user shared the video then copy the link as shown in below image:
how to download videos from Facebook
If you see the video in your news feed, right click on video and in the opened menu click copy link address, there you have the video link of that Facebook video.So now we have the video link and we are just one simple step away from downloading our video!
Last step
Then you need to open in your browser. in the search bar right click, and paste the copied video link. then click on get link. you will be redirected to download page. Also there is a video player in which you can watch the video.

Second method
This method is not working right now!
there is also another simple way and it can be done when the video is opened in a pop-up box or in single page where there is not any other post, but the video.
in this case if you check you browser address bar, you will notice you are somewhere else like this:*****************

in the above link, first part is the main domain, second part is for the page showing video(video.php) and the last part which are shown in stars here. these numbers, are the video code.
let's get back to our simple way, here we dont need to copy the link, instead we will use a handy trick. look at this link:

delete these : facebook
instead write: video-fb
your output should look like this: