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Facebook video downloader online

Facebook video downloader is an online and free tool to download Facebook videos online.
downloading public videos of Facebook have never been this just need to have the Facebook video link. then paste it in video-fb search bar and click on get link.if your entered link is correct then you will be redirected to download page and picture of your requested video will be shown above the download link. please feel free to tell us about your opinions and probable problems you may see in our website using our contact page.
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Download Instagram videos

You can download Instagram videos online using our video downloader.

video download quick guide

Step 1
If the video is posted by a Facebook page, right click on the post time under page name copy link address.
save Facebook video
but if the video is shared by a Facebook user then you should right click on video and copy link address.
grab Facebook video
depending on above conditions right click over highlighted area in Facebook and choose:
"copy link address"
Step 2
paste your copied video link below:

Step 3
after clicking get link you will be directed to download Facebook video downloader will display your video as well as the download link. click on the download link.

Step 1
First of all we need Instagram video link.In Instagram application and in video page, tap on 3 dots in the right bottom of the page, then in the opened menu select Copy Share URL.As shown in below image.
download Instagram video
if you browse Instagram using PC simply copy video URL from address bar.
Step 2
paste Instagram video link below: social box